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Cultural confidence

Public library buildings in the past stood as symbols of the strength of civic culture. Even today, great and modern world cities, confident and aspirational cities, build great public libraries: Vancouver; Seattle; Copenhagen; Amsterdam; Aarhus.

Our city should have a new Library of Hull to demonstrate our confidence in the future, to be at the centre of the life of the city, and to be a legacy of the City of Culture.

The Library of Hull will stand as a symbol of cultural confidence, uniting other creative spaces within the city to form a cultural and learning corridor from The Deep to Hull Truck Theatre.

The scope of the Library of Hull would be large, varied and grand in aspiration.

Certainly a library of books, but also a space for art and performance, a place for meetings and conferences, a place to encounter inspiring technology, a place to meet and socialise, a place to find out and to learn, above all a place to be inspired.

A place to make the city proud of itself.

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