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Whilst the Library of Hull will act as a hub, its reach must extend beyond the boundaries of the city centre.

What we envisage is a network of services, tailored to the needs of individual communities. Services that enable people to find information they want; that encourage reading and storytelling; that prepare people for work, or allow them to create their own businesses; services that provide access to technology; that offer opportunities for cultural enrichment. 

We do not need to provide all these services in a single place called a branch library. We can imagine them being offered in all kinds of public spaces.

With technology a key enabler of our vision and a representation of its 21st century nature, we believe all physical provision must be underpinned by a robust digital offering, to create an inclusive web of virtual activity that connects every corner of the city. 

We are talking about the construction of stunningly original, virtual spaces, which would enable people, wherever they were located, to participate in a blended environment of the physical and the virtual. Live performances in physical spaces could be streamed online, exhibitions could be digitised, and resources acquired and curated centrally would be made universally available via a new, free virtual network that would be available anywhere, on any device.

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